When We Meet

When We Meet

When We Meet


Currently online only

In line with Government advice we will begin to meet again from the 5th July at 10.30 in the School hall. We can accommodate 30 people and all seating is spaced two meters apart, we anticipate having lots of spare seats for a while so feel welcome to join. We will welcome you but there’s no tea or coffee and we are told to keep it short, so it won’t be our normal service. Our Covid 19 Risk Assessment is at the bottom of this page

We still aim to provide an online prerecorded service which will be the same and on our You Tube Channel Andrew Price at The Nazeing Chapel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZOFlYft0Y2SrmKCKB7EHEA

Sunday mornings at 10.30 am is our main meeting where we worship God using a mixture of old and new songs. Our Pastor also preaches from the Bible, usually taking a book and going through it section at a time. There’s no dress code, smart or casual is fine.

During the week

Monthly plan

Week 1 We meet at the Church to pray for Nazeing on a Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Week 2 We have two house groups, one on a Tuesday afternoon and one on a Wednesday, phone or email church number for details.

Week 3 Prayer meeting at the Church Wednesday 7.30pm

Week 4 House Groups

Risk Assessment Form for Covid 19

1 Can the Building be safely accessed and exited?

i) We have decided to use the School Hall as it is more spacious.

ii) There is plenty of car parking outside and at the scout hut, we will enter through the middle doors and exit through the hall doors, encouraging social distance all the time.

iii) At entry point there will be a cleaning station, with hand sanitizer

iv) Everyone entering place of worship is to wash hands for 20 seconds or use the hand sanitiser at the cleaning station.

v) The doors will initially be open to minimise contact although they can be shut after the meeting has started, some windows will be open for ventilation

vi) Masks have to be worn unless you have an exemption. The person leading the group is exempt from this under government guidelines, but there is a larger gap between the pulpit and the front row

vii) The taps in the building will be run every week to make sure there is no risk of legionnaires’ disease

2 Can we sit safely? How many can we accommodate?

i) The hall has been set up with a four meter gap from the pulpit to the first row because that is where the most talking will come from and then chairs have been spaced out two meters apart with some chairs close together for family groups

ii) The service will be shorter than normal with no singing and no instruments

iii) We can accommodate between 25-30 depending on the ratio of individuals and family groups and will keep to these limits

‘Limits for communal worship should be decided locally on the basis of the capacity of the place of worship following a risk assessment. The number of people permitted to enter the place of worship at any one time should be limited, so that a safe distance of at least 2 metres, or 1 meter with risk mitigation (where 2 meters is not viable) between households.

The size and circumstance (including ventilation) of the premises will determine the maximum number of people that can be accommodated whilst also facilitating social distancing; this may therefore be lower than the maximum 30 people who can attend life-cycle events such as weddings.

The safe number of people should be decided by the venue manager.

In defining the number of people that can reasonably follow social distancing, the total floor space as well as likely pinch points and busy areas should be taken into account (such as entrances, exits) and where possible alternative or one-way routes introduced.’

iv) A temporary record of attendees to be kept for 21 days to assist track and trace

3 Can the building be used at any other time

i) Advice seems to vary between 48 and 72 hours to leave the building empty or to deep clean throughly but the building will only be used once a week for now.

4 Offerings

i) Advice is to encourage online giving but cash gifts are to be emptied with gloves or left for 72 hours

‘Where possible faith leaders should discourage cash donations and continue to use online or contactless giving and resources.Where this is not an option, cash should be collected in a receptacle that is set in one place and handled by one individual, as opposed to being passed around. Regular cleaning and hygiene should be maintained, and gloves worn to handle cash offerings where giving continues.’ 

5 Bibles 

i) Personal Bibles will be encouraged although Church Bibles can be used provided they are not used for a week

In circumstances where worshippers cannot bring their own books, places of worship should keep a selection of clean books for individuals to use. Clean books should be quarantined for 48 hours since their previous use and should be quarantined for 48 hours again after use. Items which cannot be easily cleaned should also be subject to the 48 hour quarantine after use’  

6 For the time being we will not be taking communion, and there will be no Sunday School or drinks after. The meeting will be shorter and folks will be encouraged not to hang around 

This assessment will be regularly updated